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Best IIT JEE Coaching in Ghaziabad

The goal of every JEE applicant is to pass the tests. This ideal can only be realized if the proper leadership, strategy, technique, and other criteria are in place. All of these essential abilities can only be achieved by enrolling in a top coaching program that provides exceptional learning approaches, video sessions, study materials, top instructors, test series, and other services.

Swastik Classes thinks that the Faculty has a significant impact on students’ careers. All of their professors have a solid academic background, have received top marks in IIT/relevant examinations in their area of teaching, and have vast experience molding students’ lives. Students are like family to their teachers, so they understand their requirements, inspire them, coach them like genuine mentors, and assist them at every step of the route to JEE success.

About Swastik Classes IIT JEE Coaching in Ghaziabad

Swastik Classes, founded in 2009 by IIT Delhi alumni Mr. Shobhit Gupta and Mr. Alok Bansal, seeks to nourish students’ brains and give them the courage to tackle any difficulty in life. Both Founders are IIT Delhi Alumni who believe in the only objective of honestly catering to and assisting all students not just in passing an Entrance Exam, but also in excelling in life.

The institution offers both physical classroom classes and online courses, and we have just opened a new teaching facility in Ghaziabad. Their online course for IIT-JEE preparation is one of the finest in the nation. Their online course is unusual in its live 2-way discussion, rapid doubt resolution, and frequent assessment. “We are pleased that our students have demonstrated such confidence in us, and have displayed such enthusiasm to attain their objectives with us,” their founders said.

This has not only helped our students achieve excellent results in IIT and other competitive examinations, but it has also shown the country’s faith in Swastik’s teaching, reinforcing our idea that we are here to exist for the good!”

Why should you enroll in Swastik Classes in Ghaziabad?

Swastik Classes is a leading IIT JEE coaching institution in Ghaziabad. Swastik Classes was founded in Anand Vihar by Shobhit Bhaiya and Alok Bhaiya, pioneering mentors of IIT JEE Coaching Classes. Over the previous 15 years, they have educated and sent over 2000 students to IITs and 5000 students to a variety of prestigious institutions like BITS, NITs, DTU, and NSIT. When it comes to IIT JEE coaching programs, Swastik Classes is the best IIT JEE Coaching in Ghaziabad.

Teachers at Swastik Classes have a strong academic background, having graduated with honors from IIT, and vast experience shaping students’ lives.

One of the most important characteristics of Swastik classes is that the study process is divided into pre-class and post-class work. They are specifically designed to enhance the student’s mental aptitude and understanding.

Aside from having the greatest teachers to educate the students, Swastik Classes has standardized the content presented in each class, even if the instructor is different. This guarantees that every student receives the greatest content accessible in the nation for every subject or course. Their study material is consistently ranked as among the finest for all courses.

Their study materials are precisely balanced, starting with the most fundamental ideas and progressing to the most challenging degree of difficulty, guaranteeing that the content fits to each student’s needs. They have created weekly/monthly assessments to guarantee proper learning and evaluation. They believe in a Holistic Academic approach in which Teaching, Content, Mentoring, and Testing all work together.

Methodology of Instruction in Swastik Classes

The most successful teachers are those who can help their pupils achieve their objectives. The teacher is the one who shows pupils different techniques, methods, and approaches in order to prepare them for competitive tests. They got to where they are today because of their never-ending work, excitement, and focus.

Swastik courses, the city’s top coaching school, offers the most complete IIT JEE preparation accessible in Ghaziabad. Educators are always the most significant participants in the process of offering the best possible form to students and the Institute.

Testing and feedback on a frequent basis

Weekly tests are administered to ensure that learning and evaluation are completed perfectly during the same week. By participating in monthly national assessments, students are able to identify areas in which they struggle and conquer their fear of testing.

Feedback from Students is Important

We not only listen to the remarks made by children and parents, but we also make system improvements depending on the data supplied by those parties.

The Finest Infrastructure in the Market

We use both traditional chalkboards and sophisticated projectors to ensure that each student has the greatest possible chance to comprehend the content being presented. The use of technology in the classroom allows teachers to ensure that each student reaches an equivalently higher level of understanding.

Members of the Faculty Who Are Both Experienced and Outstanding

Our teaching members have exceptional academic credentials; some of them graduated from IIT at the top of their courses and have years of experience coaching students to successful professional careers.

A Clearly Defined Self-Reflection Process

The learning process is divided into two stages: pre-class and post-class work. Throughout the process, they are meticulously developed with the learner’s intellectual capacity and understanding in mind.

Academic Resources That Are Unrivalled

Because our study material is organized in such a way that students may rapidly grasp the concepts and applications presented in class, students’ attention may be diverted away from rote learning.

Manager of Student Academic Performance

We at SWC believe in addressing any academic or non-academic question that students may have with Swastik IIT’ian Faculty.

Education and training methods

We at Swastik Classes don’t just teach PCM; we teach how to learn, and we teach how to learn the process of learning under the direction of Alok and Shobhit Bhaiya.

The Pre-Class Methodology

Swastik Training The study of pedagogy investigates how students might improve their capacity to concentrate and academic accomplishment in the classroom simply by undertaking pre-classwork.

Results of Swastik Classes

Our Results Speak for Us

Because of its remarkable performance in the IIT-JEE, CBSE Class XII and X Boards, and several other school-level competitive examinations, Swastik Classes is now considered to be one of the most prestigious online coaching institutes in India. The cutting-edge technology and one-of-a-kind teaching style used by Swastik courses have proven to be the essential components in writing new chapters in the annals of educational achievement.

After all has been said and done, we think that this is only the beginning. Our objective is to go on in the same vein as before, achieving remarkable success in whatever we do.

Result by the students of Swastik Classes in 2021 JEE MAINS

6 students score 99.90 percentile and above

2 out of 3 students scores above 90 percentile

Amaiya Singhal

100 Percentile

Anit Mangal


Arved Panday


Course information

  • SWC Foundation Course for class 9th and 10th

This is a classroom-based, intensive program that lasts for two and a half years and one academic year, and it is designed for students entering the ninth and tenth grades. The program’s objective is to prepare students to achieve success in school examinations and other national level Olympiads, such as NTSE.

At Swastik, only senior IIT faculty members are allowed to instruct students in this subject. Students who are interested in enhancing their knowledge and conceptual understanding in a way that is unique while yet being simple to grasp are encouraged to enroll in this course.

  • SWC Engineering Course for class 11th and 12th

Students in India who are going to be taking the entrance examinations for engineering would benefit from doing this intense classroom course that will last for two and a half years and one academic year.

Both Alok bhaiya and Shobhit bhaiya are graduates of the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi, which is widely regarded as one of the most prestigious educational institutions in the country. Additionally, both instructors have more than 15 years of experience in the field of education, during which time they have served as teachers and mentors to numerous students.

  • SWC Phoenix Course

This is a one-year intensive classroom course for students who have completed their 12th grade and wish to reappear in the engineering entrance exam the following year. The course is taught exclusively by senior IITian faculty at Swastik who are themselves IIT graduates and understand what it takes to pass these exams, under the supervision of Alok and Shobhit bhaiya.

  •  JEE Rank Booster Program

The last course you need to excel is our ‘JEE RANK BOOSTER,’ which provides you with outstanding preparatory material such as: Prominent content of 500+ hrs. of Classroom Teaching by our founders Alok Bhaiya and Shobhit Bhaiya (AIR 15), both IIT Delhi Alumni.

Includes 30 mock exams based on Mains and Advanced, i.e. 20 Mains and 10 Advanced developed exactly by our specialists, as well as specified 5000+ practice questions divided by difficulty level with answers supplied.

Our founders’ customized mentoring sessions enlighten students on a regular basis.

The whole course is structured into four parts to facilitate preparation for each JEE Mains and Advanced attempt.

  • JEE Main & Advanced Rank Booster Program

Our Founders, who have over 15 years of expertise, attend all seminars. They have instructed and directed over 2000 students to IITs and over 5000 students to other famous universities like BITS, NITs, DTU, and NSUT.

It also includes 30 mock examinations based on Mains and Advanced, i.e. 20 Mains and 10 Advanced developed exactly by our specialists.

Our founders’ customized mentoring sessions enlighten students on a regular basis.


Swastik Classes strive hard to offer more than what they promise. They consider their student’s accomplishment to be their victory. It is their ethical, focused, and zealous attitude to creating a child’s future that has allowed them to rise to prominence in such a short period of time, while also assuring a trustworthy connection with students and parents alike.

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Address and Contact Information

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2021 Result Highlight of Swastik Classes